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Weekly Update 3 – Servers Ahoy!

Another week down, this time we’ve invested most of our time in rolling out the first wave of ‘other’ servers that we will be operating. CS:GO, CoD MW:3 and Minecraft servers all went up in the last few days alongside our Halo and Halo 2 servers.

Read all the details in the News Post: Weekly Update 3 – CyberSlam Forums


After a lot of buggerising, the CyberSlam Halo 2 PC server is now running. Read the details about the servers and where you can get the game (cheap!) in the release post by Gab dC.


The server is currently running a few MLG variants in testing, and will be permanent alongside our Halo PC/CE servers to serve as an Australian hub for any H2 gamers to get their fix before the main server-list servers close down as expected later this year. We’re all hoping and preying they are doing so to make way for a rumored steam re-release, though time will tell.

Good to see some old names coming back! keep it up, don’t forget to share the site around! Got to get the word out!!

Thought I’d take 5 to clear up a few things about the servers and forums, in particular the no lead side of things! Jump on over to This Thread and have a read and a watch of the demonstration. Fire any other burning questions via the forum and I’ll do my best to tackle them :)





The clock has struck 6.00PM  on Friday the 19th of April, and the CyberSlam Forums have officially launched in Beta after successful Alpha testing (thank you to those who participated).

There is a lot of placeholder material at this stage while we finish polishing everything off and getting things optimized, but all the important stuff is there…

We’ve tried to keep it as close to the original topic list as possible, but if there is something missing please make us aware! First thing’s first, go and get yourself signed up and start posting!! I’ll be watching that post count, let’s see if we can tip it into triple figures within the first 24 hours! Don’t forget to spread the word by sharing this post via facebook/twitter etc. and let’s get this community re-populated! It will be slow going and a hard slog to begin with, but we’re in for the long-haul and appreciate your continued support and patience through the transition.

The forums can be accessed quickly at either of these subdomains:

For further info and to provide some feedback, hop on over to this thread


Hello and welcome to the all new CyberSlam Australia!

We’ve currently got 6 servers running in BETA. It’s a temporary setup at the moment with the servers being run out of Melbourne. We’re working to a timeline of early May to have the permanent servers setup which will be operated out of Sydney.

We are currently running 3 servers for Halo PC and 3 Servers for Halo CE which you can find in the GameSpy server list. Want to organize some scrims? Head on over to the Private Match/Scrim section of the forums!

We’d really love for you to try them out and provide your mapcycle feedback in the all-new forums!  So…. What are you waiting for? Tell your mates and go get killin’!